Spin-up Machine on AWS

Let us begin with “what do you mean by a Spin-up machine”-It is simply creating your own machine with your own requirements. Now, let us start creating one. To begin with, go to AWS and create your account and log in to the AWS management console.

You will see the console similar to the following image

AWS Console

Now locate to Services or you can search for EC2 and open the service by clicking. Now, create an instance by clicking launch instance. In the following image you can see one instance already created.

Create Instance

Let us select the instace of our need. For testing purpose I will be choosing Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base with free tier eligible. It will cost you only after certain limits. Please keep that in mind while choosing. I am going to choose from t2.micro family with free tier.

Choose Instance Type

After choosing this you can directly review and launch the instance by clicking the “Review and Launch” button. Yes, it’s that simple. Let us not take that easy way. We will follow the complete flow.

Steps to follow

By choosing the instance type and hitting next step you will see the Network configurations like VPC, Subnet etc. You also can mange roles with IAM on this same page.

Configuration Part-1
Configuration Part-2

Let’s keep all the configurations as it is and hit next. At the next step you can configure storage by adding new volume, file system etc. You also can choose your storage to be encrypted or not and hit next. At next step you can add tags. Let’s see..


After completing this step we can configure security group. Here, we can add rules.

Security Group Configuration

At last just hit “Review and Launch”. While launching the machine it will ask for key-pair for remote access. You can create new key pair or you can use existing key pair if any already exists.

Key Pair

Download the key with “Download Key Pair” with your custom name. You will see the .pem key in your base machine and hit “Launch Instances”. You will see the ackowledgement page.


You can goto instance page now and can check the status if it is running or stopped etc. You also can select instance to check the information about the particular instance.


Now, keep in mind that when you are not using your instance, stop your instance. Play with your machine now.

Now, let’s access our machine with RDP. For access select the instance and hit connect button and locate “RDP client”.

RDP Client Settings

To get the password you’ll need the key-pair.

Decrypt Password

Use the decrypted password to login with remmina RDP Client. Voila you have access to your machine.

Windows Machine

You are good to play with your spinned up machine. You can follow the same steps to spin-up any machine that you want. Keep going. All the best and remember CONSISTENCY is the key!



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